HISTORY - how More Than a Garden came to be

As is often the case, several strands came together with a bit of luck.....

Kate was looking for a more inclusive way to provide garden design, concerned that traditional design methods can leave clients disconnected and disenfranchised in their own gardens.

"A design is just the start. People need to understand their gardens and be able to care for them as they evolve and develop."

Nicky was looking for a way to combine her passion for the natural world with her experience in healing.

She knew there was a way to nurture both our own pieces of land (however big or small) and ourselves.

"There is an intrinsic connection between the two and it feels very exciting to work with and support others to discover this in their own way".


Kate: "This has all come about from realising that my own garden doesn't work for me. I felt stressed. I want my garden to be aesthetically pleasing but I don't want to be fighting nature and the plants to create that."

Nicky is a homeopath and holds health and well-being at the heart of the choices we make in life. "Why would anyone spend money to create a garden which then causes them stress?"


Another strand came out of understanding more about soils and the complex relationship between fungi, bacteria and plants.

This highlighted how large-scale commercial agriculture and the agrochemical industries often mismanage and damage the land and our soils.

Gardens are a way we can all help to offset this damage. Looking towards forest gardens and the desire to work with nature rather than control it, naturally led to designs incorporating plants to feed and nourish the soil micro-organisms.

By March 2018 we'd given these things a lot of thought and had health and nature firmly at the centre of design. We met up in Bristol one snowy evening with our partners and ended up staying for three nights because we couldn't get home in the snow. We talked and Nicky's husband Tony summarised our discussions saying "....so.... it's more than a garden then..."