Our gardens can be war zones where we battle to keep control and fight to hold nature at bay. Nature is so prolific, abundant. It will quickly colonise bare concrete, creating the soil it needs to prosper. Left alone our gardens would naturally revert to woodland.

At More Than A Garden we're interested in this process, working with nature to create beautiful spaces and reduce the effort our gardens take.

Nature is resilient and with our changing climate our gardens need to be too. Understanding the symbiotic relationships between the plants, the fungi, the soil, the insects and wildlife enables us to create spaces which are naturally in balance. A healthy, diverse garden has a better chance of surviving the extremes of nature.

The health of the soil is fundamental. There is an increasing movement away from chemical control and highly bred planting, and wherever we can we use natural solutions. We’re particularly interested in using plants and fungi to naturally feed and develop the soil, fixing nitrogen and bringing other nutrients to create a rich and balanced environment.

Looking to nature

Some inspiration while walking along this river in Italy.